Depression- General Information

by cooper.

Mood disorders are mental disorders that have mood related problems as their main symptoms.  There are two forms of mood disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

While everyone has felt sad, melancholy, or depressed at one time or another, clinical or major depression is characterized by prolonged bouts of intense or severe depressive moods.  Many common symptoms of major depression include extremes in eating and sleeping patterns, sense of guilt, lethargy, and a highlighted sense of failure or worthlessness.  The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 6.7% of the United States adult population is affected by major depression.  Also noteworthy, women are diagnosed with depression at twice the rate of men.

Depression can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or other doctor by way of evaluation.  Unlike many other ailments, depression cannot be diagnosed by a simple lab test.  The most common treatment for major depression is a combination of prescription medication and psychotherapy.  Physical exercise can also be a very helpful treatment in depression.  An integral aspect of treating depression is finding the right balance and type of treatment, as different treatments work for different people.

Depression is a very serious illness, and when left untreated can cause serious outcomes.  Fortunately, the stigma that has seemed to surround the disease has gradually appeared to diminish with each passing year.  There are many resources available for people suffering from depression, and the good news is that when treated, many people’s symptoms do subside.


Psychology- Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner


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